jueves, 4 de junio de 2015

7 Years Of MurciaDailyPhoto

Yes. 7 years before, this photo-blog started. The culprit: Mr. Tenin from PDP (it is a pity that the original citydailyphoto blog is now closed).
Anyway, this blog, and especially the visitors, comments, community, have made what was a hobby (photography), has become a passion. But over time, every time I have less time to take pictures, and every time I publish fewer photos. I hope to continue to show you a little bit of this fantastic Region of Murcia each day, or every week.
Thank you for reading these lines, and thanks for your support during these seven years. I look forward to seeing you around here.
7 Years Of MurciaDailyPhoto and so on.

5 comentarios:

Valladolid Daily Photo dijo...

¡Feliz bloganiversario, compañero!

Un abrazo desde Valladolid.


William Kendall dijo...

Quite a milestone to reach!

LuiZ FernandoS dijo...

Happy aniversary

Paskui dijo...

Felicidades compañero y que sean otros siete veces siete años los que sigas mostrando otras realidades desde tú prisma.

MurciaDailyPhoto dijo...

Many thanks to all of your comments. I really appreciate it.
Jose, Pascual, gracias por vuestro apoyo. Espero seguir viéndoos por aquí durante los próximos 7 años. ;)