lunes, 8 de junio de 2015

Patrullera Cazadora P78

Image: Patrullera Cazadora (patrol hunter)
This is one of the ship that it was possible to visit during last week (army week open access). It was built in 1978 and started to served to army in 1981.
The info from the official website: "The primary mission of the patrol is to maritime surveillance. Within this field, the tasks assigned may be different, such as environmental protection, monitoring fishing, combating illegal immigration and trafficking of drugs as well as maritime traffic control.
In recent times, given the increase in piracy that is occurring in parts of Africa, has also gone to conduct anti-piracy missions.
Among the operations in which it participated as corvette, it would highlight the rescue operation for victims of the floods in Alicante in October 1982 and the blockade against Iraq in the Red Sea decreed by the UN in 1991. It was in the latter where it earned the nickname "atomic ant", thanks to its incessant activity, its weapons and its peculiar silhouette. (...) In September 2004, and as patrol boat, it began to make its new primary mission maritime surveillance, continuing its participation in multinational operations in waters of Lebanon in 2008. In late 2011 it participated in the deployment in the Gulf of Guinea on anti-piracy missions."

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