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750 Anniversary Concejo Of Murcia

Since May 14th 2016 is held the 750 anniversary of Council of Murcia.
What happened 750 years ago? We must contextualize:

City of Murcia was a Muslim kingdom with agreements with the Kingdom of Castile since 1243 when it was conquered. But in 1266, Muslims in the kingdom, did not want to continue paying taxes to the Kingdom of Castile, so revolted. This revolt was appeased by the King of Aragon, Jaime I "The Conqueror" which came at the request of the Prince of Castile, his son in law, Alfonso who became Alfonso X "The Wise", King of Castile from 1252 till 1284.
On May 14, 1266, Alfonso X granted legal recognition to the council of the city of Murcia. The population was still overwhelmingly Muslim, with some Jews and other Christians who were added gradually. But it was a Christian city and as such would have a governing body to Castilian style, with its own emblem that identified on its seal (to validate documents and correspondence of the Council) and its banner (the banner guiding troops of the Council).

So, from May 14th, 2016 and until next May 14th, 2017, the city of Murcia will celebrate this event.
Official information about this event at 750aniversario.murcia.es. (Only in Spanish).
Image: 750 anniversary banner on the New Town Hall building by Moneo. Here a picture of this building, also a view from tower of the Cathedral.

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