domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

Molino del Tio Paco

Spanish windmills are well known around the world by Don Quixote of La Mancha, the book written by Miguel de Cervantes (published in 1605). So windwills of La Mancha are the best known.
At Region of Murcia there are currently cataloged 212 windmills. Of these, 14 are in the town of Torre-Pacheco. There is tour to visit and to known more about these windmills organized by Tourism Office of Torre-Pacheco.
There were two types of windmills: flour mill and drawing water mill.
In the image, a windmill for milling grain into flour. All windmils has been named. This one is: Molino del Tío Paco (Uncle Paco's Windmill). It is located in El Jimenano, at Torre-Pacheco municipallity.
Called Uncle Paco, because the first mill owner, Don Francisco Alvarez was called under this nickname. This was in 1838. This windmill was in used since 1838 till 1936 (this date remainds me the start of Spanish Civil War).
In another post, I will talk more about windmills in Region of Murcia.