viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016

Molino de la Hortichuela

This widmill was dedicated to the extraction of water for agricultural and livestock use. It has a circular sole with a diameter of about 7 meters, while height reaches about 8 meters, in addition to the wooden conical roof that crowns. The length of the blades of the windmill is 14 meters. It is built with stones and mortar, and whitewashed. Attached to it there are a pond and a waterwheel, in which the bucket were placed, small containers of mud, with which the water was drawn. Its facade is the number of the year in which it was built, 1870.
One thing that I did not mention in the previous post was that the roof can be rotated, so the miller could turn it from the stick /mast  that rests on the ground (right windmill in the image), so he could place it against wind and take advantage of wind power.
It is located in La Hortichuela, at Torre-Pacheco municipallity.

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William Kendall dijo...

A very different kind of mill. My family background's Dutch, so I'm used to that style of mill.