viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2016

Patio del Alcázar

This is the Patio del Alcázar (Courtyard of Fortress) at Monastery of Las Claras. An Alcázar is a Spanish palace or fortress of Moorish origin.
During XI century, in this place was the Palace of Ibn Mardanis (here in English)or King Wolf by christians (a Moorish king), but this alcázar, called Al Dar al Sugra, which are currently remains, was partially destroyed after the capture of the city by the Almohads in 1172.
Later, with the creation of the Third Taifa of Murcia, Murcian king Ibn Hud built between 1228 and 1238, on the same site as the old palace, conceived likewise as a pleasure palace.
On Islamic-Moorish palace of the murcian emir Ibn Hud  the monastery of Santa Clara was founded, which since 1365 houses the Poor Clares. In this building confluence of several centuries of history and different cultures like the Islamic, Gothic and Baroque. The museum space and nuns live in harmony.
Andalusí archeology section is located in the halls of the former Islamic palace of the XIII century, where also representative collections of Islamic art and archeology throughout the Region of Murcia are exposed.
Preserves one of the oldest Arab pools of Spain.
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