jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

December'16 Theme Day. Transitions.

The Theme Day  for this time is "Transitions and this time makes me a few of nostalgia.
This is (or was) the facade of a well-known music store in Murcia: Ritmo (Rithm). I say "was" because, today, it has been closed, forever, after more than 74 years. Here my parents bought me my first music books for study the music career (that I have never finished). Here I bought the first music books to my eldest son. It has been a place to know many of music and to buy instruments on a recommended way.
It was oppened in February 7th, 1942 . At this time, they offered to people, pianos, stringed instruments, button accordions, music scores, suitcase phonographs (gramophone), photo lab, portraits cameras ...
It is really a pity to see that a past of Murcian people has been closed, due to the death of the present owner Ignacio Massotti Manzanares (50 years old), son of the founding father of this place who is 95 years old.

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William Kendall dijo...

A lot of history has passed through that shop. Very sad.