domingo, 1 de enero de 2017

Jannuary 2017 Theme Day. Best Photo of the Year.

First of all: Happy New Year. I wish you a healthy 2017.
As usually, the first Theme Day of the year starts with the Best Photo from last year.
I took this picture last june 2016. I have selected because of its brightness and because it is the first time that I have ever taken in that way.
Anyway, it is so difficult to choice only one picture of 260 that I took last year. Therefore, I have selected a phot of each month so that you can choose, if you think it appropiate, or if you want to revisit them.
 - January: 3D Over Moneo, a composition of a projection over a building.
 - February: Against Terrorism, a shocking monument at Cartagena.
 - March: Father's Day 2016, a view of three generations.
 - April: Sunbathing Platform and Sunbathing, two views from the "same" place (very difficult to choice).
 - May: Child's Play, a beautiful moment of a boy playing at the shore of the beach.
 - June: Star Ceiling, at Royal Casino of Murcia. But I would like also that you visit: Fireworks At Bonfires Of St John 2016.
 - July: Old Bridge in a Summer Night, no comments to add.
 - August: An Owl is Coming, taking a picture just in the right moment.
 - September: Awesome Wakeboarding, this could be selected for the Best Photo.
 - October: Tea Time, I have to select one of the B/W picture that I have posted last year.
 - November: Four Seasons Garden, a beautiful perspective of a beautiful place.
 - December: Portman Bay. Starts a new future? A hopeful landscape.

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4 comentarios:

Jim dijo...

Great shot

Bob Crowe dijo...

Looks like the aliens are here and the mother ship has landed. Happy New Year.

William Kendall dijo...

Quite vibrant!

MurciaDailyPhoto dijo...

- Jim: Many thanks!
- Bob C.: The truth is out there :)
- William K.: I have to wear sunglasses to look at. ;)