domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

Music so Close

Some of you I think that you know Sofar Sounds, maybe because you have one of its delegations at your city, or you have read it about it on newspapers or internet.
Since March, we have the opportunity at Murcia to live this experience: Sofar, songs from a room.
MurciaDailyPhoto was invited to the third Sofar concert last June 17th. It was a pleasure for me to be in that beautiful place thanks to the hosting of Maria Moya (an illustrator) and the organization of Nieves Martí as delegate of Sofar Sounds in Murcia.
Three bands in acoustic or semi-acoustic format had the chance to play in front of a few guests (around 20 people). Awesome this format so close.
The bands: Rey Lobo (top-right, from Murcia), Mario Morante (bottom-left, from Madrid) and Analogic (bottom-right, from Murcia).

2 comentarios:

William Kendall dijo...

A certain intimacy, playing in such a setting.

Stefan Jansson dijo...

I didn't know about it, but now I do so thanks, looks like there are a few events near me.