viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

The Gun

A love this exhibition. I'm sorry if I am boring you.

- Left: "Retrato (Portrait)" by Carlos Callizo (Seville, Spain). Doctor "Cum Laude" in Fine Arts by the University of Murcia. He has dedicated himself exclusively to painting and in recent years has experimented with murals and Urban Art, getting to participate in the Urban Art Festival "Le M.U.R" in Paris. Currently he combines this activity with Professor of painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Murcia.

-Middle: Make art not war" by Jeaze Oner (France). Jeaze Oner began to paint walls in 1999. He emphasizes for giving to some of his works different perspectives when painting in the ground obtaining thus a 3D effect using only the aerosol. Also they have great acceptance their works where it recreates the fire. A graffiti artist that astonishes us by the hyperrealism in its works, its three-dimensionality and its colours.
During the preparation of this exhibition Jeaze passed away. Rest in peace.

On the right wall.
- Top left: "No Nothing" by Shoe (Holland). Niels Meulman, SHOE, has generated in the world of urban art a new creative order combining traditional graffiti with calligraphy and creating a worldwide phenomenon called Calligraffiti. In the early days he only painted the calligraphy with silver and black, but the colour can be very seductive, so little by little began experimenting with metallic and iridescent paintings. Now he works in a style he can call his own with pride and whose popularity pushes him to keep moving forward.
- Top right: I have no data.
- Bottom left: "Hope" by Icy&Sot (Iran). ICY (born in 1985) and SOT (born in 1991) are artists who work mainly on the stencil with spray. There are few places in the world where urban art is as ephemeral and as dangerous as in Iran. They started painting the walls of their hometown of Tabriz until things got tough, they packed up and went to New York, where they have given free rein to their particular vision of urban art in which the reality of their country is very present Although with great doses of irony.
- Bottom right: "With great power comes great responsability" by Retna (USA). As a child he was already very intrigued by the culture of graffiti. Retna has developed a style of graphism that he uses in much of his work. Each block of text is a system of hieroglyphs and calligraphy that has been influenced by Arabic writing, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hebrew, and Native American typographies. In 2015 Retna designed the artwork for Justin Bieber's new album "Purpose".

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Retrato really catches the eye!