viernes, 3 de noviembre de 2017

Conceptual Modern Art

Following my visit to centre of modern art "Centro Párraga", on the third floor there is a conceptual modern art exhibition: 'Mapa Mental' (Mental Map).
'Mental Map is a conceptual tour through the mind of Claudio Aldaz. A series of installations curated by Consume Esto that think on the creative process and the ways in which the artist confronts creation. The public is thus invited to experience the space and time of production. To understand the composition of the pieces or remnants of (in) related ideas of the creator / artist.' (Source: Centro Párraga).
Image: the artist, using the gold as path to enrichment or to gain power, it is also used as way to obtain things, any thing, to acumulate at homes, just for acumulate. Think about that.
In each part, the artist has wrinten by hand (on paper), the why for each part.

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Anónimo dijo...

Great Picture.

Irish Molly

William Kendall dijo...

I like the work in red and orange tones.