jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017

Modern Art. Reality or Fiction.

Well, I am not a critic art. I am just a person who likes art. But I don't like any art. But I also like that art which try to pay my attention.
At "Centro Párraga", modern art centre, there are three modern art exhibitions. On the second floor there is an exhibition based in a work of Marcel Duchamp (frenc artist): It is a tribute to the controversial piece -'The Fountain'- that the French creator presented - although it did not get to be exhibited - in the International Exhibition of Independent Artists of New York in 1917, whose celebration commemorates this year the first centenary.
At Centro Parraga, 8 woman artist offer their art around "urinary" as men fountain. 'Fountain of shadows. Female visions about Duchamp and the urinal'.
Strange: this is my point of view.
Image: room with a door through wich you can see a bride dress, a bed and a urinary (both not in this image). You can make your own opinion about this modern art work.
Maybe It could be used to post on halloween's day. ;)