jueves, 1 de octubre de 2020

October'20 Theme Day - Your Response to Covid-19

Almost a year after, it is time to come back to MurciaDailyPhoto and to be part of the most insteresting photo community in the whole world: CityDailyPhoto.

And I back with the October's Theme Day: Your response to Covid-19. That archer threaten you.  

That picture have been taken from: <We are Murcia. Exhibition: ""Luz de sonido" ('Sound Light')Sound Light welcomes the works that up to 10 Murcian visual artists have made around songs that sounded in the three editions of WARM UP Estrella de Levante held to date. 

Each printed pictorial work is accompanied by a QR code that links directly to the musical theme that inspired it, thus interacting with the viewer who approaches the exhibition.> (source: eventos.murcia.es)

Click here to view thumbnails of all participants.

3 comentarios:

Denton dijo...

Great interpretation of the theme. The archer is threatening as is Covid. Also, I like the concept of combining visual arts with music.

Bob Crowe dijo...

Very strong image. Do you read Rushdie? This strongly reminds me of the final scene in Shalimar the Clown when the heroine, India, an expert archer, stalks her mortal enemy, Shalimar, armed with a razor-like knife. In the dark.

MurciaDailyPhoto dijo...

@Denton, Many thanks
@Bob, after your words, I need to read that book.