miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2009

Monumental Sculptures. Lady with Hat in the Santo Domingo Square.

I have written repeatedly of buildings, churches, streets that are in or adjacent to the Santo Domingo Square. So drawing on the series of monumental sculptures I can show this Murcian central square.
Market Square in the Middle Ages, a beautiful fountain in the middle and solid porches complement the square at that time. A double door communicated with the city and on this door, the council met occasionally during the Middle Ages until the seventeenth century was the prison of the Knights. At present two elements dominate the square: the impressive ficus planted in 1893 (on the left of the image) and the front of the church of Santo Domingo, whose membership dominates the image of San Vicente Ferrer, who remembers a sermon given on this square in 1409. (Source: Council of Murcia)

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Web-OJ dijo...

It's a nice sculpture. She looks like she means business!

Pule dijo...

Monuments and sculptures brings a difference to a city and I must be honest and say your city have got some lovely sculptures. By the way thanks for introducing me to your city.