domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

Monumental Sculpture and School.

Another sculpture in the series this week.
I like to display Cierva Peñafiel School. The building is in the early twentieth century and is located between Santo Domingo Square and the theater Romea.
It is a public school for primary and secondary education.
About Cierva y Peñafiel: (Murcia, 1864 - Madrid, 1938) Spanish politics. Father of the inventor Juan de la Cierva, occupied important positions in the administrations of presidents Marcelo Azcarraga, and Raimundo Fernández Villaverde Antonio Maura, during the Second Spanish Republic. More about this Murcian politic, here (in spanish)

4 comentarios:

Hilda dijo...

I like the school building but the sculpture… I think I better keep my fingers still on that one. What I'm thinking is not for polite company! ;)

Gail's Man dijo...

I'm with Hilda, but I'm happy to say it. It looks like a giant dog turd. Same colour too!

Babooshka dijo...

Ii does look like a giant dog poo, but interesting nonetheless.

Anónimo dijo...

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