miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

Bando De La Huerta 2009

Yesterday it was the Bando de la Huerta Day. It is a festival around the town of Murcia which attracts tourists from Spain and the world. This festival is held the first Tuesday after Easter.
The parade began in the 19th century when a group of huertanos, led by their Mayor, went to the city to protest about shortages. They paraded in a large group made up of carts and horses ridden by young men offering home-grown products. The passing of time has turned it into the coming together of the huertanos and the city dwellers, in order to pay homage to the Huerta.
The day of the Bando is an explosion of colour and joy in which the whole of the city and the Huerta takes part, either in the parades or as a member of the public. No visitor can fail to be moved by the fun and merry making and feel happy to be taking part in such a great event.
In the first picture you can see the public waiting for the parade on the Bando de la Huerta. In the second and third photo, you can see the regional folk dances, as well as the detail of the costumes. (Source: Ayuntamiento de Murcia)
The Murcian attending this event (50%) are dressed in typical costume huertano throughout the day. In the pictures you can see the traditional dress of Murcian huertanos.

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