lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

End Of Easter Week 2009 In Murcia: Procession Of The Risen Christ

Yesterday ended the Eater Week in Murcia. Ended with the procession of the Risen Christ.
This brotherhood was founded in the XVI and XVII.
This procession included the commencement of the procession comes a character who is the devil, guarded by 4 angels, holding it with strings.
I was lucky to go on procession as butler during 5 years when I was a child.
The photo was taken at the square of the Apostles, near the cathedral. What is the background is the chapel of the Vélez.

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m_m dijo...

Very colourful and beautiful event! Great tradition!

MaCoBra dijo...

Great tradition indeed! I loved the pictures you posted! Cheers from Marcel

Kris dijo...

That looks heavy.