martes, 28 de abril de 2009

Old Train Station: Murcia-Caravaca

The building currently houses the municipal water company (Emuasa), was the railway station connecting with the North West Murcia.
This railway was started in 1925 and was completed in 1931, but did not begin until 1933 to use.
Served mainly to bring workers to the canning industry in Molina de Segura. Was used until 1971.
Now, in a couple of years, it will be the station of the tram that will connect Murcia with the north of the city.

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T and S dijo...

So I guess it will return to being a station after all this. Nice shot.

m_m dijo...

It is beautiful!

Hilda dijo...

It's a grand-looking building!

Leif Hagen dijo...

Hola! Great photo. As my identical twin brother would say, "Any place with palm trees is OK!" Fun to look at your photos in your blog. I'm new to CDP; I started EAGAN daily photo. Greetings from Minnesota, USA Muchos gracias - Adios