miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009

Theme Day: Yellow

1st of the month. The theme day has arrived. An this month the theme day topic is YELLOW.
Today I have chosen this picture. It is the nursing elders home "The Palm of the Mar Menor". This residence is located in Los Alcázares on the coast of Murcia.
This residence is my grandmother who is 85 years old.
A few weeks ago she suffered a stroke (the second time she has it) but as a strong woman, she has passed that and now she returns to being well.

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7 comentarios:

Sally dijo...

I wish all the best to your grandmother, and hope they take good care of her.
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Jilly dijo...

Lovely to see that yellow sun and to read that your grandmother is getting better. It's always so difficult after a stroke. Good for her.

Vogon Poet dijo...

I wish the best to your grandmother, hope they care.

Babooshka dijo...

Best wishes to your grandmother.

Hilda dijo...

And I thought it was a resort.

My best wishes to your grandmother. I hope she recovers well.

A loving post for theme day!

MurciaDailyPhoto by usuahia dijo...

I very much appreciate the samples of honey that you have left in your comments.
Thank you all for your comments.

MurciaDailyPhoto by usuahia dijo...

It's nice to join a community of like citydailyphotobloggers.