viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Church Of St. Peter, And Castle. Iglesia De San Pedro Y Castillo. Calasparra.

Church: The parish church of San Pedro is one of the most important monuments of Calasparra, made stone and brick, as befits a typically Murcian baroque buildings, whose walls have been plastered with white plaster in the latest restoration of the building. The church has three naves and a Latin cross.
Medieval church has undergone transformations over time, the last in the nineteenth century. The set is a typical example of popular architecture of the seventeenth century.

Castle (background of the image): The historical development of the castle of Calasparra, is closely linked to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, for it was the most obvious symbol of the power of this military order on land and people, controlling major roads and river channels, as well as a highly productive farms. A power that linked the town with the monks for six centuries.
First fortification on the hill could date around the twelfth century, although the renovations on the castle had to be numerous and significant, especially after the Spanish conquest of the kingdom of Murcia.

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