sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

City Museum. Museo De La Ciudad.

16th century. Former residence of the López-Ferrer family. The original building was ordered to be built by Mr Gil Rodríguez de Junterón, first officer for the Pope Julius II and Archdeacon of Lorca. It has an orchard of Hispanic-Muslim origin.
The Museum's main objectives disclosure and dissemination of cultural heritage in Murcia by walking through history, art, crafts, ethnography, etc., as reflected in the contents of the different rooms they have, and willing to show the identity of the city and its municipality. This museum is intended as a starting point for a deeper understanding of our city, something that can complement visiting, "in situ", its most characteristic places.
In summary, collection of pieces that expose the roots and the changes that the city has undergone over time.

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