miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

30 Years Ago

30 years have passed since that coup attempt in Spain. Everyone remembers what they were doing that day, but I was too young to remember clearly. All I remember is that I came home from school and my parents were watching television, something frightened or surprised. I do not know what was happening. It turned out that a group of Civil Guards (Guardias Civiles) entered the House of Representatives at the time of naming the new prime minister, Calvo Sotelo, and Adolfo Suarez resigned. Weapons in hand, came up firing, with the idea of a coup. They held the government and the deputies from 18:00 on February 23, 1981, until after noon the next day. During that period, in some areas of Spain such as Valencia, the military took tanks into the streets creating a state of emergency.
Well I will not extend, but spent much more.
The end result was the definitive consolidation of democracy in Spain.
The photo, I have taken from the web of RTVE.

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