viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Ready For Takeoff

This past weekend it was able to visit several NATO ships, which were moored in the harbor of Cartagena.
From Monday 28 February to 10 March the group made in Spanish waters of the southeastern part of the exercise Noble Mariner-11, which involved more than 3,500 soldiers from 11 countries of NATO, with a total of 20 vessels war.
The Noble Mariner 11 is coordinated by the Allied Staff Maritime Command Northwood (UK), creating a very real scenario that presents the different controls, different situations, such as: asymmetric warfare, maritime security operations , embargo operations, amphibious operations and combat piracy.
During his stay in Cartagena ships may be visited by the general public in the Cruise Dock and Dock of Curra.
The naval exercise will be developed by: aircraft carriers, frigates, tanker amphibious ships, minesweepers, submarines, amphibious ships and aircraft, plus a contingent of Marines to conduct operations along the coast.
The photo was made by a colleague (A.A.G.) of the Harrier aircraft on the deck of the aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias.

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