miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

Inside The Cathedral: Chapel Of Vélez.

This is one of the great jewels of the Cathedral of Murcia: the chapel of the Vélez. It's worth staying a while looking at the inside of this chapel, and delight in the forms that surround this architecture.
On outside of it, here you can see a post from 2009.
About its history: Its construction began in 1491 and, according to the inscription around the dome was finished on October 15, 1507. It was built as a funerary chapel.
It is built using limestone masonry and covered with a splendid ten-pointed star-shaped vault. The chapel was built by a workshop different from the rest of the cathedral, as evidenced by the mason marks, framed in the last Gothic style. It is not known, however, the name of the author but, by his mastery, the work is comparable to the chapel of the Condestable of the Cathedral of Burgos (source: regmurcia.com)

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Irina dijo...

So beautiful. Reminds that the nature is the main source of inspiration for all of us, the symmetry, harmony, color combinations.

JM dijo...

What a gorgeous ceiling!