lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Port Of Cartagena

This panoramic view is the port of Cartagena. This is a natural port of type: military, fishing, commercial, passenger, and sports.
This has been the gateway to the founding of the city of Cartagena in 227 BC by the Phoenicians (Carthaginians). Then it would be taken by the Roman Empire.
In Cartagena have been remnants of past civilizations, such as the Punic wall and Roman theater.
Besides being a commercial port throughout its history, has been linked to the army creating a Military Arsenal that is still active, besides being  the headquarters of Spanish Navy submarines.
Today is one of the largest commercial and industrial ports in Spain thanks to its Escombreras basin also starting to emerge in the market for cruise ships, this time thanks to the basin of Cartagena.

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