domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

April 2012 Theme Day: Cobblestones

This is the closest thing to cobblestones I have found. The ground in front of the Auditorium and Congress Center of Murcia.
The portal of the City Daily Photo Community was hacked and if you want to see the participants of this month, has temporarily created a blog that you can visit here.
Finally recovered citydailyphoto portal
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2 comentarios:

Valladolid Daily Photo dijo...

Al menos el esfuerzo de buscar algo que se intente adecuar al día temático hace que estes en contacto con la comunidad de blogs. Saludos desde Valladolid.

Julie dijo...

I agree that, for many of us, it was not an easy task to find cobblestones in our city. However, I am very proud and pleased that you found some and have posted them for us to view.

Thank you so much for participating in our Theme Day. I appreciate your efforts very much.