sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

XIII Murcia Three Cultures Festival

These days we have Murcia Three Cultures Festival. It is the thirteen edition. It is an international festival for tolerance. The name of the festival is given by the three religions that lived and live in Murcia: Jewish, Muslim, Christian.("A call for tolerance, peace and respect among peoples that recalls the harmony with which Christians, Jews and Muslims lived together, for over 800 years in the Mediterranean.")
In this incomparable setting such as Belluga Square, in front of the main facade of the Cathedral of Murcia, a Portuguese group played yesterday: Aduf & José Salgueiro and José Peixoto.
This festival is a festival of music, dance, exhibitions, conferences.

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Malyss dijo...

If only real life was as tolerant as the time of this festival...