lunes, 9 de julio de 2012


The Monument to the Heroes of Cavite and Santiago de Cuba (Cartagena) was made, by public subscription as a tribute to the sailors who died in the battle of 1898 between Spain, its colonies of Cuba and the Philippines and the United States allied with them. It was inaugurated on November 9, 1923. The construction of 15 meters, represents the glory and the Spanish nation, along with the sailors who died in the war with figures carved in bronze but were originally of stone, which caused the passage of time deteriorate . In addition to sculptured figures also include the names of all those who died fighting in that war disaster.
In one of the groups of sculptures of this monument, four figures, a sailor standing armed with a gun holds her head high in defiance and defense of the bodies of those who lie fallen. The body of an officer, dead, rests on the barrel in his left hand holding the flag of the vessel. Another of the sailors fell at the precise time of preparation of the load and the last figure lies a sailor dead, which represents the ship's deck.
Cartagena is the headquarters of the Marine Corps. It is the world's oldest Marine, established on February 27, 1537 by Emperor Charles V.

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