viernes, 5 de abril de 2013

Water And More Water.

The month of March has been one of the wettest in history, in Spain. One of the Mundo river dams (tributary of the Segura river) is at 97% capacity and had to drain, making Cenajo Dam (river Segura) is at 87% capacity. At the same time, this dam is draining and makes the river Segura is at levels long ago unseen.
Photos of the usual level of the river Segura: 1 and 2.
During this week, Spring Festival, one of the free activities that can be enjoyed is to canoe or rafting (photos from last year).

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Dinopas dijo...

Da gusto ver tanta agua, al menos a mí me hipnotiza, me puedo quedar mucho tiempo en la balaustrada viendo el correr del agua

Linda dijo...

Lovely and serene.