martes, 18 de febrero de 2014


No, not Brazil, not Rio de Janeiro. This is the castle of Monteagudo in Murcia. More info here.

"The castle was made of plaster walls , is divided and organized into three levels or platforms , building on uneven terrain, where wells, ranches, stores, theaters and other buildings with distributed functionality . The towers that flank all corners of the enclosure are reentrant angles, very characteristic in mardanisí taifa .
It is worth mentioning that on top of the hill, dominating the valley , found the monument to the Heart of Jesus, majestic sculpture 14 meters high, designed in 1951 by artist Ramón Nicolás Martínez ( 1905-1990 ).  This monumental work, which enjoys great devotion among the inhabitants of the village , it is actually a replica of a previous sculpture was built in 1926 , designed by Anastasio Hernández Martínez ( 1874-1933 ) and destroyed during the Spanish Civil War , but subsequently rebuilt in 1951 , is comparable to the Christ Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro but on a smaller scale." (Source: Wikipedia)

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Hi lovely castle and what a great story you tell.

Irish Molly