miércoles, 20 de abril de 2016

Gran Hotel Detail

Detail of the tower of the Gran Hotel, made of zinc. Al the info about the time of this building, in a previous post.
"The building (owned by the wealthy miner and trader, Celestino Martinez Vidal) was commissioned to the architect Tomás Rico Valarino. Work began in 1907 under the direction of Tomás Rico, but up to the mezzanine Victor Beltrí assumed leadership and project work on the rest of the building, which is attributed to Victor Beltrí responsibility for the design of the building.
The building was already up, at least outwardly, in 1910, as indicated by the date of the vane. While working inside, in January 1911, D. Celestino Martinez Vidal died , so that the works had a considerable delay while the children clarified the complicated legacy of D. Celestino. On February 29, 1916 the grand hotel, considered at that time as the best in Spain was inaugurated." (Source: Wikipedia).

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William Kendall dijo...

What remarkable detail!