lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Echoes From Last Spring Festivities: XXIX International Music Festival Of Tunas 2016 Costa Calida

Thera are a lot of activities during Spring Festivities.
For instance, the XXIX International Music Festival of Tunas Costa Cálida. It was held from March 28th to April 1st. There were tunas from Spain (Murcia, Granada, Valladolid, Madrid, León), Portugal, Colombia, Perú
*Tuna: it could be use "tuna minstrel" to have a meaning of this word. Tunas, also known as "estudiantinas" are groups of students (tunos) dressed in 17th century costumes who play guitars, lutes and tambourines and go serenading through the streets.
They also make appearance at weddings and parties singing traditional spanish songs.
There is not really a word on English about "tuna" or "tunas" (except for the fish). For instance, there is not a word on English for "mariachi".

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