lunes, 19 de junio de 2017


From the temporary exhibition at MUBAM (Museum of Fine Arts of Murcia) named: Arte urbano: de la calle al museo (Urban art: from street to museum). Here a previous post.
A photographer captched by the photographer.
About paint works:
 - Top right: Title: Midnight Rendevous. Author: Blade. Steven D. Ogburn, better known as Blade, is a famous New York street artist and proud owner of the "King of Graffiti" title since he painted more than five thousand trains. (Source: MUBAM)
- Top left: Title: Freedom for urban art. Author: The London Police (TLP). Chaz Barrisson and Bob Gibson (The London Police) are a duo of artists known for their iconic characters "LADS". (Source: MUBAM).
- Bottom: Title: Marlen. Author: C215. His work extends all over the world. For C215 the most important parts of his work are the feelings inside, the expression of the eyes and the story behind. (Source: MUBAM)
Until July 9th 2017.

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The Marlen one catches my eye.