martes, 20 de junio de 2017

Loving Cry

Two more graffitis at MUBAM.
- Cebras by Wils Welva (Huelva, Spain). Wild Welva would fit into what has become known as Paste-Up Street Art. It consists of hand-drawn drawings on paper that are later stuck in the city. Use the world of wild animals to create a social and personal discourse. "My artistic influences," says Wild Welva, "are somewhat scattered, ranging from late nineteenth-century Art Nouveau sketchers, eighteenth-century engravings and urban artists such as Levalet."
- Llanto de bebé (Baby crying) by Mad Painter (Murcia, Spain). Willy Arenas is a founding member and president of "The Company of Mario", a collective that is dedicated to promote the art with diverse activities on the part of its members. The paintings of Willy Arenas begin to form part of the landscape of Murcia. He is one of the most renowned and active Murcian artists in the world of urban art and graffiti.
(Source: MUBAM)