domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Bullfights. The Promotional Poster. Cartel De La Feria De Toros De Murcia 2009.

Continuing the theme of the bullring, now the announcer lineup.
As I remarked last year in September celebrates the Feria de Murcia. In the bullring take place several bullfights. For those interested, today I show the promotional poster.

3 comentarios:

Leif Hagen dijo...

What a artistic, beautiful poster! I'm waiting to see the bullfighters and bullfight pictures!

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you for the photo and calendar. Next time I am in Spain I will try and get to a bullfight.
Irish Molly

HereBeDragons dijo...

Wow. Not your typical bullfight poster.