domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

Castillo De Monteagudo. Castle Of Monteagudo.

This Castle was built by the Arabs between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. It was, above all, strong defense, because for many years, Murcia, was border city during the Reconquista. During the late Middle Ages, the fortress passed into the hands of Christians. In this castle were, for example, Alfonso X "El Sabio" and James II.About the castle, and culminating in the summit, is the Heart of Jesus Christ. This sculpture is from 1951 and measures 14 meters and replaces an earlier (10 meters high) that was demolished in 1936 by Republicans.This mountain has Argaric vestiges of the era (2000 BC) and Roman presence. Today is building an interpretive center Argaric culture where you can see the remains found.
Currently, the climb to the castle is dangerous (but can go up), but after construction of the center, they can climb to the top safely.
It is worth climbing to enjoy the views of the valley of Murcia.Here you can see another perspective

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