jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Abenarabi Or Ibn Arabí

This is the avenue Abenarabi. It's just an excuse to talk about Abenarabi or Ibn Arabi:
"The streets of Murcia viewed born to one of the most important Muslim mystics, Abenarabi, the great thinker and poet of Al-Andalus.
The twelfth and thirteenth centuries were shaken politically, with the reconquista and the crusades. Is the time of Al-Andalus and the empire of the Almohades, constituting one of its greatest regarding our character, a thinker who in works such as The Names of God laid the foundations for a new worldview rooted in the individual approach to divinity through study and prayer, a mystical, or search for union with God, which centuries later would drink San Juan de la Cruz and Santa Teresa de Jesus. "(Source: Región de Murcia Digital)
More on this Sufi mystic, philosopher, poet, traveler and Andalusian Muslim wise man in wikipedia.
The person who designed the streetlights of that street introduced those half moons in honor of this distinguished Murcian.

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