viernes, 8 de febrero de 2019

Rice Fields of Calasparra. Sustainable Cultivation.

"The rice fields of the municipality of Calasparra are an example of sustainable cultivation in an ecological environment. The rice reserve is formed by the basin of the Mundo and Segura rivers passing through the municipalities of Calasparra, Moratalla and Hellín (Albacete). This rice meadow also has a high importance for the conservation of biological diversity, so it is among the protected natural areas of the Region of Murcia.
The rice fields of Calasparra are a traditional and deeply rooted activity and it is the first rice in the world that has been guaranteed by the Denomination of Origin since 1986.
This rice, is one of the food of the Region of Murcia unique in the world, by factors such as the weather, the irrigation system, the alternation with other types of crops and the maintenance of seeds, traditions that are only used in this location." (Source: La Opinión de Murcia)