jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008

Centro Párraga

This is the Center Párraga. On the website of the center define it as: Space Research and Development for the Performing Arts.
Today I show you one of the entries (the entrance to the back) to this cultural center of contemporary art and cutting edge. It is a little-known center for the majority of Murcian. It makes modern art exhibitions, concerts are held on alternative music, plays, art, and much more.
The building is one of the former artillery barracks. It can be seen on the facade of the mixture of new and modern.

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mkhansen dijo...

In this case I think I prefer the old to the new (I usually do), though the entry makes a nice contrast. I clicked on the enlarged photo and got a good view of the beautiful tilework. Was this really an artillery barracks?!!

MurciaDailyPhoto and www.asthes.tk dijo...

If you enter Párraga website, you can see an image of the front door.
And yes, it was a former artillery barracks. Click on the labels of barracks to see more.

mkhansen dijo...

Yes, I see the front side has an impressive Moorish arch. There's also a nice photo of the light streaming from this arch into the lobby.

About the barracks with the Alhambran reflecting pool and garden inside -- it must be hard to get the soldiers to go off to fight when conditions at the barracks are like that!

Joy dijo...

I wouldn't mind going inside it! I enjoy the performing arts.

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