miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

Arabic Wall

Murcia has its origins in the Roman Empire (Mursiya: wetlands) but there are very few relics that are now discovering.
There are remains of our Muslim past, when Murcia belonged to Al-Andalus. In town you can find various parts of the Arabic wall that surrounding the city in the past.
The image is of the wall next to the Chamber Veronicas (exhibition hall that was formerly a church) and next to the market Veronicas (market products of all kinds).
History: Murcia was founded by Muslims of Al-Andalus in 825aC.
Muslims called the city Mursah: fortified. It is not clear yet whether the origin of the name of Murcia is Roman or Arabic.

4 comentarios:

Jane Hards Photography dijo...

Very interesting text to accompany such an histoical image.

CeciliaGallerani dijo...

That wall does indeed look very aged. It is interesting that the two possible roots for Murcia are so different in meaning -- and yet either seems appropriate?

Kris McCracken dijo...

I would imagine that the Arabic influence would be all around, food, building and so on.

Juan Manuel Jimenez dijo...

Hola Enrique, me he llevado una grata sorpresa, siempre pensé que Murcia era una ciudad moderna cuya historia tendría, más o menos, cuatro ocinco siglos.
Pero veo que no. Toda la fama se la llevaba Cartagena y Murcia es una gran desconocida. Me gusta que nos enseñes los restos arqueológicos de la ciudad y, por supuesto, todo aquello de interés para cuando la visite.
Un abrazo.