martes, 27 de enero de 2009

Casino of Murcia

The Casino of Murcia is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.
The facade of the early twentieth century. The casino is not a place of games like in Las Vegas, it is more a cultural center. The casino is owned by a private association, but can be accessed by anyone. The interior is even more beautiful, but is in a period of restoration and can not be passed. Inside it there is the ballroom, library (with more than 20,000 books), the billiard room and the Arabic courtyard.
This building is in Trapería Street (see labels).
When opening its doors, I'll show you pictures of it.
Here you can see some pictures of it in 2007. Click.

3 comentarios:

Hilda dijo...

This is fantastic! I'm looking forward to your pictures of the interior once the renovation's done.

JM dijo...

Amazing façade! Just beautiful! I bet the interiors are also awesome.

Babooshka dijo...

This is so ornate in detail.