martes, 13 de enero de 2009

Echoes of Christmas 2008 (and 7) Platería Street (Silver Street)

Echoes of Christmas 2008 the series will end with this street.
This is another medieval street, like the Jabonerías and the Trapería streets (see labels). It is also a very commercial street, where shops of all kinds.
In the Middle Ages and a few centuries later, in this street was being marketed with silver.

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mkhansen dijo...

It is interesting that at one time Murcia had whole streets dedicated to the trade in silver and soap. This one has very pretty street lamps.

MurciaDailyPhoto and dijo...

Lanterns on the street: It was a vote among residents and traders in these streets to choose the lamps.

mkhansen dijo...

I like that idea -- they chose well.

Petrus dijo...

Nice street scene - typical of Spain ..

I must get to Murcia some time and have a good look around the city.