martes, 20 de enero de 2009

El Golito (another tapas bar)

I have said several times that the Plaza de las Flores (see labels) is a place for tapas and eat. At about 20 meters from the cover (see yesterday) is the brewery: The Golito. Where you can tapas well.
A few years ago, when I was a teenager, I remember that my baptism godfather told me he used to do exercise as follows: a route to the tapas bars in this area, getting a beer and a tapa. Bearing in mind that in this area there are at least 10 tapas bars, imagine how it would be my godfather. For this number of bars must be added that there is in the Plaza de las Flores (Flowers square) and is in the streets of Las Mulas (Mules).
A greeting to my godfather, a person who has influenced me greatly.
On December 22, 2008, MurciaDailyPhoto was awarded by MKHANSEN from Lexington Daily Photo. From here, I thank you wholeheartedly for the award (and I apologize for taking so long to talk about the award, but I have not had time)

I would give this awards to several blog that I follow. Some already have this awards, but I want to pass it again.

1.- ParisDailyPhoto: Thanks Eric, that if I had not found your blog I had not begun MurciaDailyPhoto

2.-LexingtonDailyPhoto: as one of my biggest supporters and show your city from a perspective so close. From Virginia, USA.

3.-ThisWillHeartMe: Blog where Kris gives us the love of a father how to grow their children (Henry and Ezra). He also offer unusual images of Hobart, Australia.

4.-My Manila: Charming photos by Hilda from the Philippines.

5.-Brookvilledailyphoto: From the USA, Abraham Lincoln gave us his live, telling stories about his interesting life.

6.-VictoriaDailyPhoto: From Canada, Benjamin Madison gives us some amazing photos of this Canadian city.

7.-Monte Carlo Daily Photo:Jilly offers photos of the Principality, but with the eyes of the people. From Monaco.

8.-Greenville Daily Photo: Denton is working on several blogs and is the creator of the Daily Photo Map. In this way we are about each city in a more straightforward.

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Kris dijo...

Why thank you very much, I am honoured to be counted amongst this fine company.

I promise that I will respond with a post of my own SOON!

[Sorry for the delay in acknowledging it too, work has been hectic and I have only just got a moment.]

Jilly dijo...

Thankyou so much for directing me to this particular post. I had missed it else of course I would have commented. Thankyou so much for kindness in giving this award and the words you wrote - that means a lot.

I have to say tho I'd find it impossible to choose 8 or so recipients to pass it on further. There are so many wonderful CDP bloggers - I'd need a 100! please tho don't think I am not appreciative.

Hilda dijo...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry I missed this one! I was so tied up at work last week I couldn't even post some days. And I had such a hard time trying to catch up with everybody this week.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. And congratulations on your award too!

MurciaDailyPhoto and dijo...

Kris. Thanks to you for your blog.
Jilly. Don't worry about that. It's not necesary to past the award.
Hilda. Thanks, but you are usually tide up. ;)