miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

Muñoz Barberán. An artist.

Until February 15, 2009 is set out in Palace Almudí works by the Murcian artist Muñoz Barberán. He was an author who has managed to reflect Murcia as anyone.
This artist, born in 1921, died in December 2007.
Of course it has not only painted on Murcia, also has its Portuguese time, Madrid, and so, in his prolific life.
You can not stop visiting the exhibition, especially for Murcians.
A little anecdote: he traveled around Spain in a sidecar motorcycle with his friend Molina Sanchez, another great painter.
Molina Sanchez still lives, and surely has many stories of that trip, and make sure it could be a fun movie.

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