viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

Verónicas market place (Mercado de Verónicas)

A few days ago published a picture of the Muslim wall of Verónicas. Well, this building is close to the wall, at San Francisco plan.
It is a market place whose building dates from the early twentieth century, although there since the fifteenth century and in Murcia in the habit of holding the market in the area of Arenal, the current San Francisco plan. This practice led to the continued existence of a place in that market, which was given in 1910 in Art Nouveau style building designed by architect Pedro Cerdán. At present, the Verónicas market is considered one of the most important city market, and it attracts hundreds of buyers every day in search of the best products: meat, fish, vegetables, and frozen vegetables. In this market are both citizens and the best restaurants to buy their products.

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vero dijo...

Interesting... and my name is Veronica :-) I want to visit this place.