domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Molina Sánchez: Painter Of Angels

At the palace Almudí can also see an exhibition of the murcian painter José Antonio Molina Sánchez.
An exhibition of paintings of angels.
Can be seen on the upper floor of this building. To access is via a ladder. This staircase has a beautiful dome (see small photo).
This exhibition will be open until May 24.
He was born in 1918 and has sold paintings for this exhibition of his own house.
I have had the fortune to know him, and I think that he is a great person with a great quality as a painter, and a great human quality.

Molina Sanchez's career is full of success and recognition: participated in the XXVIII Venice Biennale, and a few years later at the Biennale of Alexandria, where he earned a bronze medal. In 1963 he received the first medal for drawing in the National Fine Arts. In 1972 he received the Laurel Award for Fine Arts and, last year the Autonomous Community of the Region awarded the Prix des Arts et des Lettres. His last retrospective exhibitions were held in 1995 Almudí in 2002 in the Hall of St. Stephen and in 2004 in the CAM.
The murcian painter account since last year with his own foundation, which has sold many works and has become the principal witness of his work.

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