jueves, 23 de abril de 2009

Salus In Periculis

"Old Bridge" or "Bridge of Hazard." "Puente Viejo" o "Puente de los Peligros".
Some time ago I spoke of this bridge and that one day I would show you a picture of the Virgin of the dangers.
It is the oldest bridge in Murcia: erected in 1741 is on the edge of the neighborhood of El Carmen a niche that holds a picture of Sanchez Araciel a great devotion to Our Lady among Murcian called Madonna of the Dangers. (Source: Ayuntamiento de Murcia)
Therefore, the name of the Old Bridge is of the same age, and the name of the Dangers or Hazards of the bridge gives the image of the Madonna.
Salus in Periculis: Health at Risk

2 comentarios:

m_m dijo...

Beautiful photo and very impressive buildings in the backgroung! Superb composition!

Hilda dijo...

A very beautiful church!

I'm glad to hear that the bridge is named so because of the Madonna and not because it's dangerous!