lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

College Of Dramatic Art And Dance. Escuela Superior De Arte Dramático Y Danza.

The Former Seminary Of San Fulgencio.
18th century. The origins of the seminary go back to 1592, during the era of Bishop Don Sancho Dávila. The current building was erected under the auspices of Bishop Don Luis Belluga, with the intent of improving the level of training and studies of the seminarians. At the seminary classes were given by the humanist Cascales and the rector was Salvador Jacinto Polo de Medina. It was another bishop, Rubín de Celis who would , in practice, convert the Seminary of San Fulgencio into a University, by giving it departments and improving its curriculum.
Currently the building contains the College of Dramatic Art and Dance. (Source: Municipallity of Murcia)

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