jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

First of the month. Today is the Theme Day, and for this month: Electricity.
Because the topic is electricity, I shot this infrared lamp. Light may have many applications. In the case shown, this type of light is very useful for treatment in the area of physiotherapy.
I will not make a treaty on physiotherapy or infrared, but I want to comment that serves as pretreatment to massage, and as dry heat is also useful as a way to reduce localized pain, also in pathologies causing muscle contractions.
The photo was taken in the Clinica FAO in La Flota, Murcia.

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Halcyon dijo...

Neat idea for the theme day!

PS: Thanks for your kind comments on my 1 year blogiversary. :)

slim dijo...

Happy blogiversary to you! This is an interesting interpretation you captured.