miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

Urban Canoeing

It is becoming fashionable canoeing on the Segura river.
The last time there was a race of canoeing at Murcia was in 1981. After that date, due to uncontrolled industrial discharges, ceased to be navigable, and even no longer visited by odors. Until the late 90s, it was not taken seriously clean up the river, and control releases (it was mythical a question in Trivial Pursuit in the 80s: "What dirty river, passing through Murcia?").
Now, fishing competitions are made, and next weekend, 20 and 21 February will be held the I Race City of Murcia, which have registered five hundred canoeists.

2 comentarios:

Stefan Jansson dijo...

Glad that they cleaned up the river. Canoeing there should be fun now.

William Kendall dijo...

It's done a lot on rivers here- it's good exercise.